This couple wagered their home decor on Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence settled the bet.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The moment you set foot into the home of Logan Nugent and his fiancée Amber Phommathep, it’s clear that Jaguars fans live there.

The dead giveaways include custom DUUVALLL shoes and matching Jaguars jerseys the couple wore for their engagement photo shoot. The couple even dressed up in Jaguars attire when a News4Jax crew stopped by to interview them.

But without a doubt, the centerpieces of the couple’s new home are three Jaguars jerseys on display when visitors walk in.

This couple wagered their home decor on Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence settled the bet.
This couple wagered their home decor on Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence settled the bet.

Still, the home didn’t always look this way. As Nugent remembers, he initially joked about the idea of hanging up the jerseys underneath the couple’s bar. Phommathep wasn’t as amused as her fiancé.

“She was like, ‘No, you’re not doing that,” Nugent told News4Jax.

Then one day, Nugent got a text from Phommathep out of the blue.

“I will allow you to hang up those Jacksonville Jaguar jerseys in our new living room if you can get Trevor Lawrence himself to acknowledge you,” she told him. To which Nugent replied, “Does Twitter count?”


Challenge accepted.

So Nugent did what any self-respecting Jaguars fan would do: he screenshotted the conversation and appealed to Lawrence for help on Twitter, tagging Josh Allen and Myles Jack, too:

“Buying our first home and the fiancé has agreed to let me hang up my @JoshAllen41_ @MylesJack and Tlaw jersey in the living room if I can get @Trevorlawrencee to acknowledge this tweet. Can a guy get some help??@Jaguars,” he said in the June 9 tweet.

Twitter didn’t disappoint.

It was about a week later while Nugent was furnishing the couple’s living room that the responses to his tweet started rolling in. The first came from Allen: “Come on @Trevorlawrencee.”

A half-hour later, Lawrence himself weighed in on the decision. And there was no mistaking where he stood.

“HANG EM’ UP!” the Jaguars rookie quarterback said.

Even though Nugent won, Phommathep wasn’t without her own supporters.

Ravens defensive end Calais Campbell, a Jaguars’ fan favorite known as the mayor of Sacksonville, loved Nugent’s idea but even he thought the jerseys might be a bit much.


“Even Calais Campbell was like, ‘C’mon man not in the living room,’ and I was like thank you for agreeing with me,” she said.

But it was too late. The terms of the deal were clear and Nugent had succeeded in getting Lawrence’s attention, something that meant the world to him considering the Jaguars have been laser-focused on preparing for the 2021 season.

“I mean, it was awesome,” Nugent told News4Jax. “They’re busy, they’re training for the season. They don’t have to do something like this. For them to interact with fans, especially being a newcomer on a team, that’s awesome.”

And while she was initially opposed to having the jerseys so prominently displayed, even Phommathep has come around.

What makes a house a home? Apparently three Jaguars jerseys on display. (Copyright 2021 by WJXT News4Jax – All rights reserved.)

“At first, I was like, ‘No way, this stinks,’” she said. “But now that they’re there, and he put our engagement photos up in our custom-made jerseys, I don’t want him to move them.”

Since the couple loves their jerseys so much, News4Jax couldn’t help but offer up another bet: if Lawrence signs Nugent’s jersey, he gets to hang up another pair of jerseys around the house.


“That’s fine with me,” Phommathep said.

Another wager made because the couple’s love of the Jaguars is only surpassed by their love for one another.

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