Kelly Clarkson Launches Kelly Clarkson Home Furniture Collection With Wayfair

  • Kelly Clarkson just launched a new home collection with Wayfair, and of course seasoned The Voice coach and talk show host has great taste.
  • The collection is inspired by French country style, and from now until April 17, part of the to COVID-19 relief efforts.

    It’s no secret that Kelly Clarkson is a stellar country singer, inspirational show host, and all-around stylish celeb, but did you know that she knows a thing or two about home decor, too? On Thursday, April 9, she announced the launch of her very own home collection with Wayfair, titled “Kelly Clarkson Home.”

    In a clip shared to her Instagram, Kelly said, “Hey, Y’all! I am so excited to share my home collection that I’ve been creating with Wayfair. We were going to put it off because of the pandemic and stuff but then we kind of thought, ‘well, we’re all stuck in our homes’—so what better time to look at your house and go ‘what could make me happier in this moment?’”

    Despite the frequent schedule changes and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Kelly and her team decided to go ahead with the collection’s launch. The team also saw the release timing as an opportunity to help a worthy cause. From now until April 17, Wayfair will donate 25 percent of the profits to COVID-19 relief efforts.

    The 37-year-old singer went on to share that she and Wayfair are very excited about both the quality and the price points of the collection. “You know, some of us are ballin’ on a budget, so it’s very affordable but also really, really cute stuff,” Kelly said. She even shared that she has been using items from the line to decorate her own home. (And that’s how you know it’s good, right?!)

    Kelly Clarkson Home Collection for Wayfair


    The collection itself is inspired by French-country style (think: farmhouse tables, fresh-picked blooms, relaxing pastels, and touches of vintage). And let’s be clear: We’re in love. From to a , we can’t help but reimagine our home decked out with all of Kelly’s country-chic picks.