Jeep Wrangler Chiminea Fireplace Is This Year’s Hot Summer Trend

It’s both functional and decorative.

With summer just around the corner, many of us are looking to spend some time outside. That means rolling out the patio furniture, prepping the grill, and stocking up on bug spray. It also means those cool summer nights will need a heat source – and something to cook smores – and Metal Art of Wisconsin has just the thing. The company is offering Jeep Wrangler chiminea fireplace grills, which is available in both two- and four-door configurations.

On both configurations, the hood and roof are removable, making easy access to the fire pit. The company creates the Jeeps using 12-gauge, hot-rolled mild steel, and a CNC laser cutter. Custom painting and powder coating are also available. Both the two-door and four-door Jeeps measure 40 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 21 inches, according to the company’s website. The Jeeps feature a tab-and-groove design that allows for easy, safe assembly – no tools required.

The Real Thing:

The Jeep fireplace grilles are neat, with the company’s signature, seven-slat grille standing out. There are door handles, hinges, and openings for the taillights. What really completes the look is the metal tires – there’s even a “spare tire” attached to the back of the Jeep. The four-door version sports the extra door and smaller rear side window.

The price starts at a discounted $349.95 for the two-door Wrangler. Those wanting the four-door will pay a premium – $374.95. Regular prices are $424.95 and $524.95, respectively. The company says on its website that these pieces are popular, and customers should expect to wait for one to four weeks until they’re shipped.

The Jeep Wrangler chiminea fireplace grills are neat, automotive decorations that aren’t as kitschy as other automotive home décor pieces. If you order now, you may have it in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Source: Metal Art of Wisconsin