A Complete Guide to Buying Blackout Curtains for Your Home Theater

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Blackout curtains are essential to the entire entertainment experience you derive from your home theater. If you overlook this aspect, you may be left scratching your head as to why you can’t replicate the whole cinema vibe at home. It is not just having a great television set, quality subwoofers and speakers, curtains will add to the whole flavor.

Getting the right curtains does not mean patronizing brands with great customer ratings; it is best if you know what is suitable for your setting before making any purchase.

Thus, in that regard, here is a guide to assist you in getting the right home theater curtains that will provide you with that cinema feel.

 ·         Significance of blackout curtains for your home theaters

Once you know the roles blackout curtains play, you will be well-equipped to get the right ones. It doesn’t matter if you have a multi-channel home theater setup, the right curtains will still have the same impact.

1.      Blackout curtains help darken your room. They help to repel light that may filter into the room and interfere with your TV’s lighting. This may cause unwanted reflections and reduce the image quality.

2.      Blackout curtains have a positive impact on sound quality. The curtains help to block out external noise that may interfere with the sound coming from your speakers. This will make your movie time more enjoyable.

3.      These types of curtains act as some kind of heat insulator. They help to keep your environment warm by retaining heat. This will be more beneficial during cold seasons.

4.      Home theater curtains help to add more beauty and appeal to your environment.

·         What to consider when buying blackout curtains for your home theaters

1.      Consider the size

Your blackout curtains must be large enough to cover windows and other open spaces completely and should just hover above the floor. This is important if you want to effectively block out external light and noise.

2.      Thickness matters

Your home theater blackout curtains need to be heavy enough to repel external light. Light curtains will allow light to penetrate through them and that is surely not what you would want.

3.      Type of fabric

The type of fabric also matters. The major fabric used in making blackout curtains is polyester or its blend. Velvet is also a good choice but it is more expensive than those made with polyester. Thus, this will depend on how much you have or are willing to spend.

4.      Consider color

The color of your home theater blackout curtains can make or mar the look of the whole setup. Experts believe that darker shades are better as they help to repel light more efficiently, but you should also consider the entire décor of the room. Ensure that your choice blends well with the colors around.

5.      Consider the price

Size and fabric are the chief factors that determine the price of home theater blackout curtains. It is up to you to decide what you want to go for. If you have enough to spend, nothing should stop you from going for the best.


Home theater blackout curtains are as essential as other aspects of your home theater system. Thus, you need to get it right if you want to enjoy the dividends. With the above guide, you will find no difficulty in getting blackout curtains suitable for your home theater setting.