What To Look For In An Attorney For Your Camp Lejeune Case

If you had worked at the US Marine Corps training facility in North Carolina, you might know about dangerous cancer-causing toxins in the drinking water. Fortunately, the government offers compensation benefits for the victims. By filing a claim, you can recover damages like medical bills, lost wages, and loss of life. 

Regarding legal cases like filing a claim for Camp Lejeune injuries, you should not depend on yourself for representation. Such issues are complex and involve various details that the average person might overlook. An experienced attorney can tell you all you need about Camp Lejeune Veteran Coverage

Things to look for in an attorney for your Camp Lejeune Case

  1. Free legal case reviews. 

An experienced and genuine attorney would want to take your case to help you, rather than working for you with the motive of earning money only. Ask the firm if they offer free consultation sessions so you can confirm whether you even have a case. It would help if you did not have to pay hundreds of dollars merely to check whether you are eligible for filing the case. 

  1. A history of success. 

It goes without saying that a good attorney has a good track record. The attorney you choose should have a history of more wins than losses. They should have happy clients that return to them for help. They should do everything they will to help you win the case and get you the compensation you are entitled to. 

Additionally, a good attorney won’t push you to accept a settlement that is not good for you. Make sure all your damages are covered before accepting an offer. 

  1. Decades of experience. 

A Camp Lejeune case is not one to be handled by a mediocre attorney or one who is just starting their journey as a legal guide. You want someone who has years of experience handling similar cases like yours. This way, they will know exactly what to do when receiving your case. 

Even if they get stuck somewhere, they would know which steps not to take in order to avoid failure. Lastly, the more experience an attorney has, the greater the chances of receiving significant compensation. 

  1. No upfront cost. 

Choosing an attorney with no upfront cost will show that they are genuinely interested in winning the case for you and are not just there for your money. Look for attorneys who are willing to work on a contingency basis. This way, they will be incentivized to win the case and do their best to recover the maximum compensation possible.