What to Know About House Selling Etiquette.

5 Home-Selling Etiquette Rules Every Seller Should Know

When it comes to buying and selling property, the whole process is often a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Whichever end of the spectrum you are on, there are a lot of worries about what can do wrong, the expectations required and ultimately, whether this personal journey is going to work out for you. However, on the other hand, the prospect of either becoming a homeowner, or selling your house and starting a new chapter is a personal milestone that should be celebrated. The process of buying or selling your home can be quite emotional, and although there are no specific guidelines on how to handle each situation, throughout time, a guide to property etiquette has been created based on the past experiences of those buying and sell my house fast jacksonville property. Here at We Buy Any House, we have created a small guide on what to know about house selling etiquette.

The Relationship Between Sellers and Your Estate Agent:

Be Respectful of Time:

No matter who you are, your free time is valuable. Although you may respect your own free time and understand how many things you have to do in a specific timeframe, sometimes we can be a little less caring when it comes to the needs of others. In terms of your estate agent, it’s important to respect their time, as you may not be the only client who is waiting for dedicated time.


When you are in the midst of selling your house, it’s important to remain flexible. Depending on the time frame in which you need your property to be sold, your estate agent may encourage you to be flexible with the number of views you are having at your house. If your home is ready to be sold, then there is no time like the present- and limiting your flexibility will only be a hindrance to yourself.


In all aspects of selling your home, communication is key. Going both ways, you should ensure that your estate agent is in regular contact with you- or at least acknowledge all emails, texts or phone calls. Similarly, if there is anything you need to discuss or communicate, then it’s vital that you seek to speak to your estate agent, instead of assuming what is right and going ahead regardless.


Estate agents are in place to not only sell your home, but also protect the interests of everyone involved in the property sale. If you exaggerate, misrepresent or lie about certain things regarding your property then the sale could either be delayed or dismissed. Additionally, it’s important to remember that loyalty is important, and you need to have trust in your estate agent as selling your house is an emotional process.

Arriving at a Property Viewing:

Arriving on Time:

First impressions are everything, so it’s important that you make a good first impression by arriving on time. No matter who you are meeting, or whose property you are visiting, it’s important to arrive on time and be punctual. Being on time is a great way to present yourself as keen and in a positive light and will encourage the broker to close your deal.

Taking Your Shoes Off:

It’s common curtesy to take your shoes off when visiting someone’s home, and for some people it may have cultural and religious ties. Simply taking your shoes off shows the seller that you are respectful of their property- and if you like the house, this will go in your favour as it shows that you are respectful of the house itself.

Ask Questions:

Asking questions is a signifier that you are interested in the property. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask questions about the home to show genuine intrigue. If you want some key topic areas to cover, you can include:

  • The surrounding community.
  • About the condition of each room.
  • The property history.
  • Local amenities. 
  • Appliances that are staying with the house/their condition.

If You’re the One Selling:

Is Your House Ready to be Sold?

The first question you need to ask yourself concerns if your house is ready to be sold. If your property is on the market, then it must be in top condition to make it desirable and appealing to prospective buyers. You must ensure that you have completed tasks such as:

  • Decluttered your property.
  • Conducted a deep clean of your house.
  • Fixed any faults or broken appliances, such as roof tiles etc. 
  • Ensured the exterior of your house has kerb appeal.

Make Sure You Respond Quickly:

Sometimes, people selling their house fall into the trap of thinking that their house is the only one of interest for prospective buyers- which isn’t always true. Once someone has viewed your home, it’s important that you maintain regular and quick contact with them, as an offer is only a starting position, and you need to continue the process before to get to a complete sale.
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