DIY decorating tricks to try over Easter weekend

Freda A. Nix
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Enforced time at home has led to a DIY explosion around the country. Home-improvement stores were crammed the weekend before lockdown restrictions started, and paint brands are reporting a huge increase in demand as, while self-isolating, we feel compelled to deal with the tatty paintwork and grubby grout we can no longer ignore.

If you’re poised to start tackling some jobs in your own home, it’s worth choosing your task wisely, and being aware of your own limitations. New research from Victorian Plumbing looked into the most stressful DIY tasks, and topping the list was plastering the ceiling, followed by hanging wallpaper and unblocking drains – all probably best avoided while you can’t call on

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10 Tools You Should Always Have On-Hand For DIY Projects and Home Repairs

Freda A. Nix

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Home repairs never seem to come at a good time, but it’s costly and time-consuming to call someone or find a repair person every time you need to set up a piece of furniture, unclog a drain, or change a few lightbulbs. Thankfully, the internet is full of free resources that show you how to fix most problems step by step if you have the right tools.

Keeping a few handy tools in your closet can make the difference between fixing a problem on your own with little or no upfront cost, or waiting “one to two business days.” Better yet, these same tools can be used for DIY projects you might want to tackle to improve your home.

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