Spring home decor tips from celebrity interior designers

Spruce up your space like a pro.

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The grass is looking greener, the perennials are blooming in all their rich, colorful splendor, and the sun seems to be shining just a bit stronger. It would be a shame for the outdoors to, ahem, outshine the interior of your home.

Decorating your home for spring doesn’t have to mean putting away everything that reminds you of winter—it simply means making few strategic swaps, says Giuliana Rancic, co-founder of home décor brand August & Leo, and co-anchor of E! News.

“I think that small, financially sound updates each season can keep you from craving big, expensive updates throughout the year,” Rancic says. “If you go for one small update a season, like the addition of a fig tree in the fall or a beautiful yellow pouf ottoman in the spring, this will keep your home feeling updated throughout the year and make you feel pleasantly surprised and excited each time you walk into your home.”

Like spring cleaning, spring decorating is an opportunity to start the season with a fresh, new outlook. “Updating your home décor as the seasons change will inspire you and make you feel the possibilities that newness always brings,” says celebrity interior designer Lonni Paul, co-founder of August & Leo.

Ready to add some spring to your step(s)? These seven expert design tips should do the trick.

1. Infuse florals

Florals are the easiest—and arguably most stunning—ways to bring the outdoors indoors.

As Miranda Priestly says: “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” While there are definitely realistic fake flowers on the market, Paul always opts for fresh ones.

“Fresh-cut flowers bring life to any room with their organic shapes and fragrance,” she says. If you’re looking for florals that won’t wilt, she recommends prints in small doses on pillows, art, and accessories that can easily and affordably be replaced the next season.

Reviewed staffers love the flowers they’ve ordered from Bouqs in the past for its bright, long-lasting blooms, and this pillow cover from Society6 is the perfect dose of florals without overwhelming a space.

2. Incorporate this year’s trending pastels

A pop of pastel softens the entire room—and as a result, your mood.

Like florals, pastel colors are “an instant pick-me-up,” according to Paul. But, which pastels should you be opting for? Paul says blush is here to stay and operates as a neutral that works well in every room. Blue is both trendy and timeless, while yellow is a must this year.

“Yellow is definitely trending and is such a happy, vibrant color,” she says. “Try bringing these soft colors in with accessories on your bedside tables and entry tables. Pillows are a perfect way to change up a room and add some color.”

3. Go green

Plant these lush green trees around your home for maximum spring vibes.

You don’t need to deck out each square inch of your home in greenery to make a spring-forward impact, according to Paul. A strategically placed plant or tree works wonders in breathing new life into your space.

“I find the shape and color of a fig tree beautiful,” she says. “I love adding them into a room in large, interesting pots. If you’re a person who’s good with plants and can give them the right light and remembers to water them, by all means, use real plants. If you’re like me and a green thumb is not your thing, the fake versions made now are fantastic. You have to get right up on them to know they aren’t real.”

4. Switch up your bedding, linens, and towels

Freshen up your towels, bedding, and linens for the warmer months.

This one is a mood-booster from both a visual and tactile perspective, Paul explains.

“New bedding, sheets, and towels after a year of being trapped in our homes will help bring in a sense of freshness and happiness,” she says. “We spend so much of our lives in our bedrooms, they should be the place that brings you calm. I love a bedroom that feels luxurious and spa-like.”

If you happen to have a guest room, make sure to update that as well, now that having company is in the season’s forecast. Parachute makes the best towels, according to our experts’ testing and will make a great upgrade.

Let’s not forget our throws. While chunky, soft throws create a welcoming vibe, they remind us of winters by the fire. This season, Paul recommends opting for linen or lightweight cashmere version—like our favorite sheets from Brooklinen.

“It’s just enough coziness to curl up in wi
th a good book or your favorite TV show without getting too warm,” says Paul. “I love to put throws at the end of a bed, and over the arm of a chair or sofa. I love decorating with a basket full of throws in a room so there are enough for everyone.”

5. Use earthy motifs

Earthy baskets are a down-to-earth way to keep your home looking pretty and practical.

A basket doesn’t have to be a utilitarian tool you bring to a picnic once in a while—it can actually provide a down-to-earth vibe to your home.

“I love the use of simple yet beautiful baskets throughout the home and especially love water hyacinth and seagrass baskets,” says Rancic. “I use them everywhere from the pantry to bathroom cabinets and the laundry room and also to hold folded blankets in the living room and outdoor patio. They create an earthy and warm feeling to every space.”

6. Go bright and bold with neon

Bright accents are a low-commitment way to invigorate tired decor.

If pastels feel underwhelming to you or you’re looking to make a serious statement, try experimenting with bright hues.

“Don’t be afraid of going big when it comes to color,” says Paul. She recommends starting by choosing a color you love and running with it, such as painting a focal wall in a bright color, investing in a new bold and colorful piece of art, changing out the pillows on your sofa, and adding a colorful lightweight throw.

For those hesitant in adding bright colors, remember your neutral furniture pieces are still the focal point and you can always remove these bright pieces. For example, pops of neon paired with a neutral sofa or chair will not overwhelm and instead act as an instant room makeover.

To take the yellow trend up a notch, incorporate it into your home in bright doses the way Rancic does. “I love this color as an accent in any room,” she says. “I have a bright yellow pouf in my living room and just added bright yellow decorative pillows to my outdoor sitting area. Whether it’s a yellow pouf, decorative pillows, a vase, or a picture frame, yellow objects are a fun and easy way to add a bit of sunshine to your home.”

7. Add a personalized touch

Personalized elements keep your house feeling like home no matter the season.

All the spring-friendly design tips in the world may not translate well if they turn your home into a foreign place you don’t recognize. Use any opportunity to personalize your décor, just like Rancic does, be it the use of your native language, your favorite color, monograms, or a saying that resonates with you.

Nearly every home she and her husband have designed in the past 15 years incorporates a neon sign, as it reminds her of her childhood.

“I love neon and always have,” she says. “I think it’s a fun way of creating a custom piece of art that has special meaning to you. My favorite so far is the one in our Idaho cabin that reads Cent’ Anni in bright neon pink over the bar. It’s a toast in my native Italian that essentially means, ‘May you live 100 years.’”

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