Resolving Conflict

The disagreement between people is inevitable however if it’s not resolved it can lead to a complete breakdown in communication. You need to accept that the issues the other person has are real to them no matter how far from reality you think it is. You also need to both take away any personal aggression and avoid personal attacks as this will lead to failure to resolve things.

Below are a few suggestions that can help you resolve issues:-

1. Arrange a Neutral meeting place – If at all possible arrange the meeting in a mutually agreed location away from your office and indeed theirs. This will help to generate a balanced meeting. Ensure that you will not be disturbed and agree a time frame for discussion.

2. Use a facilitator/arbitrator – It may be useful to use/employ a facilitator when the problem seems to be irreconcilable without one. In which case ensure you use somebody who sets clear guidelines and gains your agreement that you are both committed to making this work.

2. Mutual respect – As you begin the meeting you must respect both yourself and the person you are having difficulties with. It is the problem that you want to resolve to allow you to work/be friendly with each other in the future.

2. Legitimate disagreement – You must accept disagreement as natural and inevitable and even potentially acknowledge the fact that disagreement can be positive to reach an improved solution to a situation.

3. Form a contract – You must contract to work on the issue for mutual resolution and mutual benefit.

Resolving disagreement is a scenario that needs a win-win resolution. Without this, one party will invariably walk away disgruntled and this could effect future business situations.

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