Modern Window Designs: Update Your Home With These 7 Ideas

These are not the olden days when all the houses were made using the home design. Recently, discoveries have been made on new house designs to fit one’s preference. Whether you want a place resembling a shoe, you are sure some people can make them. Other than house designs, new window designs have also been made to make your house more magnificent. Below are window design ideas for your home.

Picture windows.

These types of windows are best for people who are glass obsessed. Whether you are building or renovating your house, picture windows come in handy to avoid having opaque doors or if your home is in a dark area. You want more light. Picture windows bring in more light and offer a more expansive view of the outside, mainly if a house is located high up with an excellent geographic view. Before installing picture windows, you should ensure that your home has other ways of air circulation since they are stationary and cannot be opened.

Single and double-hung window

Single and double-hung windows are generally a combination of practicality and simplicity. Unlike picture windows, single and double-hung windows are smaller and offer more ventilation to the house. Some hung windows are made to resemble double glazed windows to make them airtight. The only difference between single and double-hung windows is that single-hung windows have only one side opening upwards and downwards, while double-hung windows have two sides opening up. This type of window is easy to clean and efficient in terms of lighting and ventilation, but they are expensive and require regular maintenance.

Bay and bow windows

Bay and bow windows are similar though they differ significantly in length and shape. Bay windows typically have three sides of varying lengths that create a round shape outside the house. Bow windows, on the other hand, have six sides of the same size and shape, portraying a clean straight line. If you want your house to look larger without using a large space floor, install bay or bow windows in your home, and it will appear more extensive than in reality. Bay and bow windows have an enhanced view and offer excellent lighting and air circulation in the house. The windows are hard to replace, and it isn’t easy to install any hardware.

Slider windows

These types of windows are sure to make your house attractive. As the name suggests, slider windows do not open like other windows but slide vertically or horizontally. Slider windows are more expansive than tall and efficient for bathrooms and bedrooms. The windows can be further modified technology to make them automatic. The windows are easy to use and durable, but they are prone to air leaks and only have a few colors to choose from.

Windows are significant features of any house as they are responsible for natural lighting, air circulation, and ventilation. It is important to note that different windows serve a purpose and cannot be used just anywhere.

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