How to divide and conquer the perfect holiday dinner

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As an avid cook or lover of food, you might have realized that it is that time of the year to plan for a fantastic three-course holiday dinner. Of course, Christmas Dinner would always be the same, with perfect planning and keeping the mind focused on bringing forth delicious food for both the appetizers, main course, and desserts. However, you might want to find some inspiration in comments and reviews left by previous, and fellow cooking enthusiasts on sites such as cooks venture chicken reviews to educate yourself more on the art of bringing the family together over a table spread with love and some yummy centers and some holiday inspired food. In addition, after finding that special place in your heart and establishing precisely what to make for Christmas dinner, you might also find yourself exploring different types of course meals that can sometimes even go into the number of four or ten-course meals, however, wining and dining your guests for Christmas, according to you, only requires the services of a three-course yummy meal. 

Start by serving the appetizer.

It is incomprehensible to serve a ten-course meal on Christmas for family and friends. Still, it is interesting to know that there is such a thing, especially in specialty restaurants and during weddings. However, some of the words are hard to pronounce but still have their mark in the perfect ten-course meal, for example, Hors-d’oeuvres followed by the Amuse-bouche, then soup, and then followed by an appetizer. In addition, the salad is served shortly, followed by some fish. Next is the first main dish, followed by the palate cleanser course, with a second main dish following suit. A cheese plate then comes next, and then the much-anticipated dessert. Finally, post-meal drinks and pastries are served, and it is close in saying by this time, the diner would be fully stacked within the stomach. However, not all full-course meals have to include all of these facets; luckily for you, there is the solution of a simple three-course meal that follows suit on Christmas dinner filled with laughter and happy tummies of friends and family members. 

How to lessen the stress

Upon your realizing that it is this time of the year for jolly sing-along Christmas jingles and heavenly scents of delicious food, you might feel the stress associated with delivering the perfect three-course meal creep up; however, this might not be necessary as when you start by planning your menu and guest list you would be left with preparation during the week beforehand. In addition, use a holiday meal cooking schedule in terms of what to buy and where to enhance your experience of the Christmas season. And by setting the table the night before, you would be left with more time the next day to spend on preparing the food; additionally, it is recommended that you use slow cookers so that when you get stuck on some aspect of prep work, the others are left slowly and safely cooking away. 

Party the night away

Christmas dinner has finally arrived, and everyone is eating at their heart’s content; however, as the host, you might feel inclined to make this auspicious occasion one of celebration, not just eating; therefore, why not play some jingles in the background? Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, is always a family favorite. In addition, keep the drinks close at hand and deck the halls while at it, as everyone celebrating Christmas would appreciate this. Finally, create comfort by always keeping things tidy, and by doing so, you would also lessen the stress of afterward cleaning up; thus, at the end of the night, delegate.

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