5 Decor Essentials That All Guests Will Look for in a Hotel

 Hotel owners want only but the best for their guests. Not all hotels could please their guests. They still look for something that completes their impression. Guests have their expectations and tastes, and that is what hotels consider.

Upon walking right into a hotel, what are the things guests often see first? High-end sofas and chairs? Unique patterned vases? Dazzling chandeliers? 

Some hotels in the industry put so much effort to please their guests. But sometimes guests are still looking for something that will make them feel amazed. They even compare the features of one hotel to another, which as well gives them the idea of which is better and not. 

Each hotel has its theme and taste in decorating its interiors. They even have their way to captivate their guests from designs to their service. Some guests value the experience more than the place. They want to give them their very best. This includes the biggest or even the smallest things, the decorations.

A Must: Decor Essentials in a Hotel 

There are decors guests are often looking for. These are the stuff that either helpful or just pleasing to their eyes.  

1. Superb Accent Chairs

These might sound common but unique designed chairs often grab the attention of guests. Well, they often look for a place to rest like at home yet way more different from the usual. 

Aside from that, guests want to keep memories of their stay, which is through having a photo. Sometimes guests look for that perfect spot. A spot that will enhance the background and that is often captured with these functional chairs.

Be it in rooms, waiting, dining, and even pool areas, guests still look for that perfect chairs. Guests looking for that specific chairs not only for resting. They want to satisfy their craving for a fresh and attractive chair to sit in.  

2. Amazing Wall Arts

Most guests, especially the artistic ones, would love to see amazing paintings. The hotel logo comes huge. A hotel painting might not be a hindrance that would steal the guest’s attention until the end. Paintings give a vibe that would give the guests some thinking. And also, as arts that satisfy the mind, it surely what guests often look for.

Wall Arts and photos with stories would be perfect, especially for hallways. Walking in the middle of the hall is often too boring. They place these arts in the walls, guests find it more interesting to walk even if they are all alone.

3. A Powerful Lighting

Lights, especially chandeliers, are often the major attraction within a hotel. The establishment often put one where guest will instantly see it. 

Almost all hotels have chandeliers which come in different size, length, and design. This decoration makes them look for it with no feeling of being fed up. 

Guests often look for this kind of decoration, which makes them feel that the place is full of elegance. This adds appeal to the hotel. They place it up in the middle, right before the front desk, or over escalators. 

4. Unique Vases

Vases are always on the list of decors we have. Wherever you put it, vases will truly make the place more appealing, especially when it features eye-catching designs. Well, guests even look for plants upon entering and that is why vases are truly hotel partners. 

Placed over a stand-in box, it will surely outshine among vacant spaces especially if the vase has value. It will appear more appealing when added with flowers that bring relaxation and breath to the hotel spaces. Truly vases are not just vases but an instrument that brings elegance in any situations. 

5. Event Decorations

In a year, how many remarkable events do we celebrate? Well within 365 days, we often go with the most important such as Valentine’s, Christmas, and New Year. 

Depending on the event, decorations often come after it. As the guest enters the hotel on an important day of the year, they always look if the place is celebrating one. They want to feel the vibe and that even far from home, they would feel like they are still at home celebrating the event.

Greetings, as well as logos that represent the event, must not be neglected as guests will surely look for this kind of stuff. The hotel must be ready to decorate as events like this come fast ahead. 


Hotels’ decorations are one of the major attractions within a hotel. Even if the hotel comes with some amenities, be it with pool, dining, and even in bathroom areas, it will not be attractive at all when decorations don’t appear. Discover more unique and superior hotel decorations that guests often look for. As people create more one-of-a-kind invented decorations there will be no worry that you will capture another nod from the guest. You will surely improve the hotel more than how it was.