3M Weather Tape Honest Review: I Tried It

3M Weather Tape Honest Review: I Tried It

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Through my time as a New York Town dweller, I have not been blessed with residences that permit me to management my personal heat or have central AC. On prime of that, numerous of my apartments have been older and hence are not properly-insulated, with a good deal of unsealed spots that permit hot or chilly air to sneak in, driving my electrical power bill up no matter of no matter if it’s wintertime or summer time.

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When the temps started to dip and it received so chilly in my apartment that my roommate and I ended up shuffling all around in blankets and the cat was using the heating pad to get warm, I knew that I had to obtain a resolution for all of the windows allowing in blasts of chilly air (particularly thinking about many NYC landlords do not turn on the heat right up until the finish of Oct or afterwards). Luckily, I stumbled upon 3M’s Interior Transparent Temperature Sealing Tape on Amazon and made the decision that, for under $10, it was worthy of striving.

To put in it, I placed the tape (which appears to be like your regular obvious tape) in excess of the top and sides of my window. I applied about six 4′ strips of tape and had lots remaining on my roll. It wasn’t challenging to figure out in which to tape — I just set my hand about the panes to decide where by there was the biggest draft. I pushed the tape into just about every cranny, creating sure to deal with the place all around the window latch. The leaks had been staunched — I couldn’t come to feel the chilly air any longer. This, of training course, did not magically make our sluggish radiator any far better, but it did assist a good quantity, and I did not come to feel like I experienced to plug in my area heater to triumph over the evening chills.

This hack is not only for wintertime, nonetheless. Relatively than getting rid of it totally for this earlier summertime, we reapplied all six items, so the cold air from our AC units didn’t get diluted with warm, humid exterior air. Our electric powered bill in the summer season can be as high-priced as $150-200 a month, but it barely cracked $60 most of the period, regardless of the point that we ran our AC and fans every night time.

What I like very best about this tape is that it is clear, you never definitely discover it on the windows aside from when the sun is straight reflecting off of it. And it has not peeled off any of the paint on our windowsills, apart from a little bit leftover from a “landlord special” that really should not have been there in the initial put.

If you want to be as strength effective (and cozy!) as doable this winter, I suggest incorporating this tape to your cart. An added reward: There are fewer spots for ants, mosquitos, and other creepy crawlies to sneak in.

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