We Found The Best Faux Christmas Trees, Wreaths, And Garlands To Kick Start Your Holiday Decor

We Found The Best Faux Christmas Trees, Wreaths, And Garlands To Kick Start Your Holiday Decor

Does it feel a little odd to be thinking about holiday decor as Halloween is just creeping around the corner? Of course. But folks, year after year this decor sells out faster than we can all say trick or treat, and if you are looking to add to your decorations we don’t want you to miss out. As a major procrastinator myself, I think being over-prepared is a virtue. And honestly, I am on team do-what-brings-you-joy and if the coming holidays bring you joy, then let’s get into the spirit sooner rather than later, yeah? If you happen to be all set with decor and are just eagerly awaiting for it to be the appropriate time to start decking your halls, then we hope this post will give you some inspiration. Let’s begin.

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The Tree

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: jess’ berry-infused, cozy modern holiday apartment

If you are more of a real Christmas tree person, I totally get it. As a kid, I loved our family tradition of going to the Christmas tree lot and picking out the perfect one. It’s a great way to start the holidays off and create family memories. But if a real tree is not the right fit for you this season, then this section is for you. The fabulous thing about going the faux Christmas tree route is you can put it up as early as your heart desires and don’t have to worry about the constant maintenance required to keep it fresh. And ideally, a faux tree will last many many years so it can be more economical in the long run. So if you are in the market, here are some options that have glowing reviews:

1. Faux Norway Spruce | 2. 7.5 ft. Norwegian Spruce Tree | 3. 6.5ft Pre-Lit Flocked Forest Fir Artificial Christmas Tree | 4. Pine Artificial Christmas Tree | 5. 4 ft Pre-Lit Kincaid Spruce Christmas Tree | 6. Pre-Lit Portland Pine Faux Christmas Tree, 6.5′ | 7. Isenhour Lighted Artificial Pine Christmas Tree | 8. 7’ Frosted Tip British Columbia Mountain Pine Artificial Christmas Tree | 9. Faux Noble Fir | 10. Faux Potted Hemlock Small Pre-Lit LED Christmas Tree | 11. 7’ North Carolina Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree | 12. Lighted Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

I really love the natural look of #1. All of the reviews say that it is incredibly realistic so if you are easing into the faux tree idea, this one would be a great fit. A lot of these are pre-lit which is really nice if you don’t want to fuss with untangling lights for hours. I personally love #10 because it is pre-lit and comes with the matte black pot, but it is only 4′ so it would be best for a small space or kid’s room.

Hot Tip: check the measurements before you buy! Some of these go up to 7′ and some are on the smaller side, so make sure you measure your space so you can get the right fit.

Whether it’s real or faux, your tree needs something to cover up the less-than-aesthetically pleasing tree stand. Tree skirts fan around the base of the tree stand and spread across the floor, providing a place to put presents on whereas a collar is like a band that wraps around the tree stand. Here are some fun options:

1. Woven Seagrass Tree Collar | 2. Luna Rattan Tree Collar | 3. Clara Tree Skirt | 4. Natural Seagrass Woven Tree Collar | 5. Prisha Linen Tree Skirt | 6. 48″ Chenille Christmas Tree Skirt Red | 7. Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt | 8. Linen-blend Christmas Tree Skirt | 9. Bash Gold Christmas Tree Collar 27″ | 10. Handmade Scalloped Christmas Tree Skirt | 11. Skei Wood Natural Christmas Tree Collar 24″ | 12. Cozy Knit Ivory Tree Skirt

#2 is a really cool handmade rattan tree collar that would be perfect for a bohemian-style home. As for tree skirts, I love the cozy look of #12 and #10 is really sweet and also handmade. I also love #6 because a pop of red is never a bad thing.


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how sara created her first traditional but youthful christmas

If you aren’t ready to commit to a tree yet, a wreath can be the seasonal decor that doesn’t scream “I am ready for the holidays!” There are a lot of different colors and styles to choose from so here are some of our favorites:

1. Faux Hemlock Pine Pre-Lit LED Wreath 28″ | 2. Faux Pampas Taupe Wreath | 3. Snowy Village Light-Up Wreath | 4. Pre-Lit Faux Eucalyptus and Pine Wreath, 28.5″ | 5. Faux Sparkling Pine Wreath w/ Ornaments | 6. Pre-Lit Faux Flocked Wreath | 7. Needle Pine & Snowberry Seasonal Faux Wreath Green/White | 8. Faux Oregan Juniper Wreath, 24″ | 9. Faux Cypress Mixed Berry & Pine Wreath & Garland | 10. Afloral Real Touch Norfolk Pine Wreath – 24″ | 11. Faux Larch Wreath | 12. Faux Cypress Wreath 26″

If you want to go for more of a “winter season” look, #8, #9, #10, #11, and #12 are all great options that look really natural. On the other hand, if you want to lean into the holiday spirit, we love #3, #5, and #7. The white snowberry and hanging brass bells on #7 are really sweet.


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how we decked our halls for christmas

Garlands are one of the simplest holiday decor pieces known to man but they are super impactful. They can be draped over credenzas, curtain rods, tables, and pretty much any other surface you can dream up. They add a beautiful touch of greenery and there are many different styles you can choose from. Here are our top picks:

1. Faux Cypress Garland 72″ | 2. Pre-Lit Faux Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and Pine Colle Garland, 10 Ft. | 3. 108” in. Lighted Faux Pinecone Garland | 4. Faux Cedar Garland | 5. Faux Hemlock Pine Pre-Lit LED Garland 74″ | 6. Real Touch Spruce and Pine Cone Garland – 48″ | 7. Hemlock 72” in. Faux Angel Pine Garland | 8. Long Needle Pine with Artificial Juniper Garland | 9. Afloral Real Touch Norfolk Pine Garland – 60″

If you are looking for a garland that will cover a lot of surfaces, #2 is a pretty eucalyptus and pine version that goes up to 10 ft long. For a pre-lit option, we love #5 but if you want to go with something that looks more natural, you can’t go wrong with #9 or #1.

What other holiday content would you like to see from us? Let us know down below. Happy Saturday! xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: At Home With Ginny for Christmas

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