Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Review

Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Review

A minor though in the past, we been given a box of goodies from the fantastic persons over at CleanHQ and we’ve been occupied screening them all out – You can checkout our new review of the First Scrub Daddy listed here! Right now, we check out the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster to see just how properly it compares to regular forms of dusting about the house.

I’m applied to utilizing a blend of a standard duster with an extendable deal with and a moist cloth to dust close to the property. Now, the duster bothers me for the reason that it generally just moves the dust all over fairly than taking away it completely so this has ended up being just a handy instrument for obtaining rid of spiderwebs or specks off the ceiling. I use a damp cloth to wipe away dust off surfaces and then rinse it out and toss it into the laundry.

Damp Duster Review
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When I 1st observed the Damp Duster, I considered to myself “Well, how will this be any unique to applying a damp fabric to clean up?” Right after all, I still have to add moisture to it and clear it soon after each and every use…


Nicely, I was pretty surprised at just how useful and successful the Moist Duster in fact was in comparison to my usual solutions of dusting my home Right after adding dampness to the sponge, I went ahead and wiped down my timber furnishings. You will see in the video clip down below that I have timber home furniture with heaps of grooves and texture to it. Cleansing these surfaces with a moist fabric was okay but I most certainly noticed a number of key differences when using the Damp Duster in its place that I hadn’t realised have been a issue just before: A damp cloth will not truly choose up ALL the dust and grime, particularly not in any grooves on textured surfaces and next, I have to toss it in the washing machine following every single use.

The place the Moist Duster was diverse was that dust and dust instantaneously hooked up itself to the sponge, making cleaning up considerably a lot more efficient. Right after all that yucky stuff had seemingly come to be just one with the Moist Duster, all I had to do was rinse it off less than the faucet.

That was it.

I was accomplished.

Up until eventually this position, I had not realised how inefficient and rather frankly, frustrating my cleansing course of action was in advance of. The online video below displays the method from commence to finish – I should position out that I experienced deliberately disregarded dusting this piece of home furniture for about a thirty day period (gross!) for the goal of this review to make certain I experienced a excellent, dusty surface area to do the job with!

The ridged aspect of the Damp Duster was Excellent for obtaining into that timber grain and pulling out all those people disgusting dust particles. I didn’t have to go above the surface with a dry fabric either, it was just so a great deal a lot more effective than I had ever envisioned! After all that, I just gave it a rinse and squeeze and that was it, it was cleanse and I was completed. The Damp Duster can be re-utilized above and in excess of yet again, producing it a much superior suit for cleansing up around the home than disposable choices – Undoubtedly a enormous plus in my guide!

If you are like me, wanting to know just how this minor sponge can be an helpful alternative for utilizing a damp fabric, do your self a favour and check out it out. I can guarantee that you will be just as pleasantly surprised as I was at how a lot much more successful and affordable the Moist Duster really is. The Damp Duster can be employed to clean up both equally flat and textured surfaces, blinds, baseboards, mirrors and more!

CleanHQ shares an spectacular collection of cleansing products for the home. What I enjoy about their range is that most things can be re-used with minimum fuss, undertaking away with single-use and disposable cleansing solutions from the house. Aside from this thrilling excellent, their cleaning solutions are unbelievably powerful and so much from what I have expert, they certainly do deliver on their promises!

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Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Review
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