You Can Purchase the Wallpaper from “Emma”

The latest (and quite possibly the dreamiest) film adaptation of Jane Austen’s famed novel, Emma, is leaving viewers drooling over just about everything, especially the fanciful interior decor—and rightfully so. The movie’s backdrop is a delightfully decadent swirl of sherbet hues, frilly drapery, and sunlit enfilades. And while you may not be able to procure an estate quite like the one the Woodhouses inhabit, you can bring home one element of the film’s decor: The enchanting Parakeets and Pearls wallpaper from Adelphi Paper Hangings.

Parakeets and Pearls is a French pattern that dates back to Paris in 1870. The green, black, and coral ornamentation incorporates an arabesque design, which can be seen in Islamic and European art across many centuries. Arabesque patterns first appeared in the 9th century in Islamic art, then in European decorative arts during the Renaissance—you can even find the arabesque in famed gardens like those at the Château de Vaux le Vicomte. For a dose of this lasting motif in your own home, you can order the wallpaper in various colors through Adelphi’s website.

Chris Ohrstrom and Steve Larsom are the duo behind Adelphi Paper Hangings, where they create block printed wallpaper with materials and techniques that were originally used between 1720 and 1860. The designs are reproductions from this time period, and because of these historically accurate practices, Adelphi Paper Hangings has produced wallpaper for museums and other important establishments, in addition to providing captivating creations for their customers. Their client list of notable institutions includes George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, House of the Seven Gables, James Madison’s Montpelier, Strawberry Hill House, and Sir John Soane’s Museum.

Emma is available to watch at home on demand, so now you can enter Autumn de Wilde’s world of colorful pastel rooms in the English countryside at your own leisure, and, afterward, decorate your home to match!

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