What is a Sewer Scope Inspection, and Why Do I Need One?

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If you’re buying a home, you’ve probably heard of a sewer scope inspection and may be wondering what it is and whether or not you need one. A sewer scope inspection assesses the condition of the home’s sewer line that a qualified home inspector conducts. The inspectors use a special camera to view the inside of the sewer line to look for any potential problems. 

While Sewer Scope Inspection isn’t required in all cases, it is recommended when the home is older or concerned about the sewer line’s condition. Sometimes, your mortgage lender may require a sewer scope inspection before they approve your loan. 

A sewer scope inspection is important for identifying potential problems with a home’s sewer line. A sewer scope can help to detect blockages, leaks, and other issues that could cause problems down the line. Regularly performing a sewer scope inspection allows homeowners to address any potential issues before they become serious proactively. In addition to preventing future problems, a sewer scope inspection can also save homeowners money by identifying possible repairs that may be needed. By catching problems early, homeowners can avoid more costly repairs. Therefore, regular sewer scope inspections are important in maintaining a home’s plumbing system.

What Does a Sewer Scope Inspection entail?

A sewer scope inspection usually takes between 30-60 minutes to complete and involves four main steps: 

  1. The inspector will first conduct a visual assessment of the property to look for any obvious signs of damage to the sewer line. This includes looking for cracks, leaks, or other visible damage to the line. 
  2. Next, the inspector will use a small camera attached to a flexible rod to look for any clogs, blockages, or other problems that may be present in the line. 
  3. Once the inspector has completed the physical inspection, they will review their findings with you and answer any questions you may have about their report. 
  4. Finally, the inspector will provide you with a copy of their report, which details their findings and makes recommendations for any repairs that may be necessary. 

Sewer Scope Inspection Cost

You can avoid potential problems such as blockages, leaks, and other damage by having your sewer line inspected. Home Inspector Colorado Springs CO, typically charges around $100 for a sewer scope inspection. This relatively quick and easy procedure can save you a lot of money in the long run. A home inspector will use a special camera to examine the inside of your sewer line and look for any signs of trouble. If they find any problems, they can recommend the best course of action to take.

In most cases, a simple repair will be all that is needed. However, replacing the entire sewer line may be necessary in some cases. Either way, it is always best to have a professional home inspector inspect a sewer scope before purchasing a home.

A sewer scope inspection is important in purchasing a home as it can help identify potential problems with the property’s sewer line before buying. While not required in all cases, it is recommended when the house is older or there are already concerns about the line’s condition. Be sure to ask your home inspector if they offer this service so that you can make an informed decision about buying your new home.

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