What Do You Need to Know About Early-stage Tech Investor Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown Brownstone Research is an early-stage tech investor with an ability to identify profitable tech stocks. He could identify risk and reward opportunities. He has also served as an Investment analyst and founder of Brownstone Research.

Tips on when to start investing in stocks

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Using stock charts to track the price of stocks

Jeff Brown discusses an article on investors needing to be more formal in their investing styles. In the first episode, Brown discussed using stock charts to track the price of stocks, with an emphasis on chart patterns to spot trends. According to Brown, there are two types of charts that investors should be using – the visor chart and the cap chart. Visor charts show the price action on one axis only. The cap chart, by contrast, shows the full range of the price. Brown states, “When I make a stock buy recommendation, I look for a company that has a history of making good decisions.”

According to Jeff Brown’s exponential tech investor review, the new CFO for Yahoo answers questions about the company’s future with optimism that seems uncommon for new CEOs. Brown says, “This guy seems excited about his role. And he gives great answers to tough questions.”

Potential partnership between Yahoo and bitcoin

The fifth episode of the exponential tech investor’s show promises to reveal the answer to an essential question. The question centers around a potential partnership between Yahoo and bitcoin. According to Jeff Brownstone, Yahoo is “working on” a deal with bitcoin, but it will be announced at a later date. He continues, “The big thing Yahoo could do is to work out a strategic partnership with bitcoin… which could put Yahoo in the position to be the go-to place for digital currency exchange.”

According to the latest Google Trends, the number of searches for “yahoo” has significantly increased over the past several months. Additionally, according to Brownstone Research, the only other publicly listed company with a major focus on digital currency exchange is hedge fund manager Ray Bass, head of Global Currency Markets. The speculation is that this could be a preview of the upcoming merger between Yahoo and bitcoin company Digital Cash. It would be interesting to see if the two companies would work together to further promote the internet and digital currencies across the globe.