The Watcher is still trending – we share 5 real-life horror stories

In Netflix’s real-estate thriller The Watcher – gobbled up by millions this spooky season – the Brannock family move into a dream suburban home that turns into a nightmare. Threatening letters and ghostly goings-on are the last things anyone wants when moving house. 

Somewhat alarmingly, 86% of estate agents surveyed by Giraffe360 (opens in new tab) would happily list a haunted house for sale. And, get this, 20% would even add a ‘haunted house price premium’ for potential buyers – ghastly. With Halloween around the corner, we’ve rounded up 5 real-life house horror stories.

A haunted house move

bricked exterior of house with dark front door and railings

(Image credit: Future PLC / Rachael Smith Photography Ltd)

One homeowner from Harrogate told The Property Buying Company (opens in new tab) a spooky story about when footsteps chased them out of their house on moving day. ‘The house was completely empty, not one piece of furniture left, and everyone had left for the last time except me. I was the last person to walk around the house, check all lights were off, and check all belongings had been picked up, before handing the keys over to the next residents,’ they say.

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