Etsy’s Top 2020 Home Decor Trends Include Retro Art, Suspended Planters & More

Freda A. Nix

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Considering we’ve all already spent a record amount of time hanging out at home, now couldn’t have been a more appropriate time for Etsy to announce their 2020 home decor trends. According to an Etsy trend expert, this year’s top trends include everything from the expected, like resin, burl wood, suspended planters, and eco-conscious fabrics; to the unexpected, including bee motifs, seashell shapes, Old World staples, and even ’70s sunsets.

1. Resin

Searches for redefined resin on Etsy saw a 62 percent increase in the last six months, and it’s appearing throughout nearly every nook and cranny of the home, from doorknobs and coasters to clocks and wall art.

2. Burl wood

Made from unusual formations of the wood grain, burl wood is making a major comeback. So, if you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind piece, look no further than

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These Hanging Planters Will Actually Breathe Life Into Your Home

Freda A. Nix

We’re always looking for low investment ways to upgrade our home decor — but how many throw pillows and succulents can an amateur decorator possibly go through until running out of easy options? Enter, the hanging planter: a decorative pot that can be suspended from your ceiling or wall as an unexpected way to elevate everything from herbs to small flowers, plants, and even your favorite fruit.

There’s an array of unique hanging planter options out there for any type of home aesthetic: minimalistic copper looks to complement more contemporary spaces or colorful glass-blown iterations for the more experimental styles. Hey, you can even DIY your own dangling plant home from an old gift basket or particularly attractive takeout container.

No worries if you’re not up to the task of making one yourself, because we’ve put together a range of our favorite hanging planters ahead — featuring everything

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