Furniture Cushion Cover – History of Rattan Fabrics – Hot Selling Products of Rattan

Inside the home design and home materials (HDHT) area, pad covers fall under the home materials classification. A pad cover is a texture case that covers pads, similar to a pillowcase does. Pad covers work basically as beautification, giving a reasonable way to shoppers to communicate individual styles both in the family room and as adornment in the room. At the same time, they are used as protection for pads, since the authentic pads are not frequently cleaned or replaced.


Pad covers serve essentially as embellishment for the couch, lounge chair, and bed. They’re not looked for as pillow cases for the cushions you relax on.


Pad covers are accessible in a wide assortment of textures. Normal regular filaments and materials for pad covers incorporate cotton, cloth, fleece, silk, jute, and cowhide.


Sizes of pad covers shift, matching the spans of the pads. The most widely recognized sizes on the European market are:

40 cm x 40 cm

40 cm x 65 cm

45 cm x 45 cm

50 cm x 30 cm

50 cm x 50 cm

65 cm x 65 cm

Different sizes are likewise conceivable, contingent upon the objective country. Ask your European purchaser what explicit sizes they might search for in the beginning phases of coordinated effort.


Pad covers arrive in an assortment of plans, contingent upon their starting point and the designated market fragment. Different pad shapes are accessible in Europe, including round, heart-formed, and barrel shaped support pads.

Rattan Home Designing Sailcloth Cotton Box Cushion Sofa Cover One Piece Slipcover, Rest Fit, 100% Cotton, Machine Washable. By well known request, a slipcover in a strong Heavyweight 8-ounce Cotton Duck with a rough, unmistakable regular surface; adequately misty to cover dim shadings or designed furnishings, Heavyweight Cotton Duck includes a straight cascade skirt and completing subtleties including ride topstitching at arms and ties. Fits most Sofas 74″- 96″ when estimated across furniture outside arm to arm. Made with 100 percent cotton. Protected one-piece plan with loosened up straight skirt, clamped seat versatile and movable ties. Machine washes independently in chilly water on a delicate cycle and tumble dry low. Try not to utilize fade. Try not to press.

Simple to Wash

Completely machine launderable for basic consideration. Take your cover off in only a couple of moments and pop it into the wash and afterward tumble dry.

Corner Ties

Exquisite corner ties assist with guaranteeing a fresh, secure fit and can be integrated with circles or quits dressy plan prosper.

Premium Protection

Solid duck cotton opposes tears and tears while safeguarding the venture you made in your furniture into the indefinite future.

Spill and Mess Resistant

Guard against day to day mileage, including spills, children, pets and food stains with an intense, enduring slipcover.

Why Buy a Slipcover?

Instant slipcovers are a quick and savvy method for safeguarding your furnishings and updating your home stylistic layout with new tones and surfaces to communicate your character.

The Rattan Solution

At Rattan, we imagined the slipcover business over 100 years prior and commend a rich history of improving for the cutting edge home. Our styles are imitated, yet at the same time won’t ever copy.

Furniture Styles We Fit

Our plan group has made slipcovers with super-adaptable shape and form choices – including fitted box pads, back pads, and T-pads for a custom-made appearance.

Tried and Trusted Fabric

Everything begins with impressive textures. Our common collection of twill, material, piqué, extravagant, jacquard, and designing prints and samples keeps on filling in new headings.

History of Rattan Fabric

First found covered with pharaohs in old Egypt, wicker is an antiquated art that utilizes unrefined components initially produced for bin winding around. Afterward, the Romans were motivated by Egyptian woven furnishings, and took on wicker as their own method, spreading the style across their domain.

Quick forward to the seventeenth century in Northern Europe – and wicker started to seem as though it does today.

Over the course of the following years and years, the ascent of exchange with Asia carried rattan toward the West, presenting a more grounded material that fit wicker work. This style of rattan furniture cushion cover before long spread across the British Empire, from India toward the West Indies, and to England itself, where it was related with a securely cultivated exoticism that enthralled the Victorians.

It is imagined that rattan entered America through settlers who carried wicker and container seats with them. Paul Frankl was one of the main remarkable fashion designers to interest rattan in the present idea, breaking the show by bringing wicker into the lounge area and intermixing with upholstered furniture.

As the majority of us definitely know, the 1960s and ’70s saw a colossal appreciation for rattan. Yet again after a period where Victorian style stylistic layout apparently was excessively modern, this time saw a resurgence of luxurious wicker goods, which brought about a Renaissance of sorts as the excellence of wicker furniture was valued and invited inside the home.

Plan and style symbols, for example, Gabriella Crespi and Marella Agnelli stand out in obscuring the lines between the haute common preference for costly cosmopolitan stylistic themes and the standards of current plan. A regularly misconstrued make, their bamboo and rattan enlivened plans were restricted, handmade, and specialty – and expected for developed, modern individuals with high taste.

Gabriella Crespi’s own life fairly mirrors that of her number one medium: naturally introduced to privileged, Crespi was consistently seen hobnobbing with eminence and superstar the same and counted Audrey. and in the last part of the ’80s she stopped tasks and migrated to India for a completely extended time in a trip for a more profound import for presence.

Today by and by, we are seeing a wicker restoration – and something lets us know it’s setting down deep roots. Our recent Saronno assortment is common as our counted one socialite; separate both the appeal and cleanness of a blue-blooded Grande lady, and the profound soul of an enlivened and gifted mind. Going from rockers and stools, to end tables and dressers, the assortment is outlandish and stylish, unadulterated and elaborate: an ideal combination of power and artfulness.

Hot Selling Products of Rattan

  1. The Range Pair Natural Rattan BasketWeave
  2. Outdoor Rattan Corner Sofa Table Chair Cover
  3. Rattan Garden Chairs | Patio Furniture
  4. Rattan Sofa Cover, Dark Gray Cushion
  5. Garden Outdoor Rattan Furniture Bistro
  6. Removable Cushion Rattan Rocking Chair
  1. The Range Pair Natural Rattan BasketWeave

Light up your home with these wonderful Basketweave Cushion covers. The thick woven texture with bungle example will add a genuine profundity and surface to your home stylistic layout. Rattan Hessian pads highlighting a finished weave impact, this square pad cover incorporates a zip attaching. Appropriate for Lounge, center, room Single cover – Suitable for a 45cm x 45cm supplement. Regular pad cover – Similar to Rattan and Hessian with jumble impact design on the two sides. Latte with Natural channeling/Natural with Latte funneling. Feature a ending weave effect, the square Stone cast a shadow over pad cover integrate a zip protection

  1. Outdoor Rattan Corner Sofa Table Chair Cover

The cover will safeguard your furniture from unforgiving climate, dissimilar to different covers which neglect to safeguard the porch set long haul, keeping your. With a simple to wash material and tear obstruction, you realize you’re getting incredible worth with this certifiable item. Our nursery furniture cover will keep your outside furniture clean,dry and long-life. The l formed garden furniture cover is not difficult to clean,just flush with water, then, at that point, dry with a dry towel.

  1. Rattan Garden Chairs | Patio Furniture

Experience extreme solace and unwinding with the Harrier Double Egg Chair. Every extravagance seat has been produced from excellent HDPE rattan/wicker for upgraded toughness. Ideal for the nursery, porch or inside, the swinging egg seat is an amazing expansion to any set-up. Accompanying additional thick pads included, the nursery egg seat is a fundamental for your home.

  1. Rattan Sofa Cover, Dark Gray Cushion

Do you really want a general couch to satisfy all your everyday requirements? Provided that this is true, you can have an attempt of our Outdoor Rattan Sofa Combination Four-piece. It’s built from solid stirred steel casing and business grade hand woven climate safe PE rattan won’t rust or blur. This contemporary outside sectional couch accompanies thick elevated wipe cushioned water safe pads, wide and profound seats will give adequate space to situate easily. What do you delay for? Rush and submit a request!

  1. Garden Outdoor Rattan Furniture Bistro

Outsunny 3pcs furniture set amazing as a discussion set for any porch, deck, sunroom, or nursery, our Outsunny rattan end table and seats will make an exemplary focal point in any setting. Produced using PE wicker rattan, this set is UV safe, water safe, and is totally solid. These lightweight seats and tables are effectively mobile and easy to store as the seasons go back and forth.

  1. Removable Cushion Rattan Rocking Chair

You will get a seat pad with unrivaled non-abrasiveness and solace that you will cherish. Experience the distinction of a seat pad that goes regular.

Short Velvet Texture:

on the facade of the Cushion, we utilize great delicate and warm texture, which is delicate to the touch and more agreeable when utilized near the body. Cotton, which is delicate and versatile, agreeable and breathable, and safeguards your hips from sitting for quite a while without weakness.

Flexible Obsession:

Remarkable plan with versatile lash, Can solidly fix the pad, Beautiful And down to earth, the lovely cushion is ideally suited for enhancing your room.