Factors Contributing to Road Accidents

What Are the Major Contributing Factors to Traffic Accidents? | The Law  Offices of OEB

More than 1.2 million occur a year due to road accidents. This effect the health and the well-being of the accident victims and their family members. To increase road safety, it is important to fetch insights on how to prevent road accidents. The police record is extremely important as it indicates the reasons for the road accidents that happen all over the nation. However, if you are injured in a car accident in Seattle contact a personal injury lawyer, they will help you to report the accident and get compensation from the lien and insurers. 

The cause of motor vehicle accidents depends on the nature of the drivers. Lack of skills, lack of experience, and risk-taking behavior are the dominating reasons for accidents. However, the three behaviors are seen more in drivers who are less in age as compared to other age ranges. The young driver tends to break the traffic rules, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and be on the phone while driving. Also, young aged male driver is found more often in accident cases than female drivers. It is because of their risk-taking ability. 

Whilst the drivers of the older age group end up in accidents due to mistakes made at intersections and while making turns. They fail to make the correct choice of the way they will be going, fail to comply with signals and signs, miss foreseeing objects, and sudden lane changes are some of the factors that lead them to collisions. The reason behind being the decreased cognitive skills, a decline in visual strength, and mobility functions that happen with growing age. Reports also suggest that older people with heart disease and other medical conditions are likely to end up in road collisions. Older people are also subjected to psychotic medications which is also a major issue and increase the risk of accidents. 

Other factors like road conditions (potholes), misplaced signs, and extreme weather conditions are also responsible for road accidents. No matter how safe you are while driving any of these conditions will lead you to a compromised situation. 

How can an attorney help?

If involved in an accident, one might need to file a lawsuit against the faulty party and make claims to the insurance companies. People do not easily accept their mistakes and insurers are very hard to get cash from. A lawyer will make sure that one gets an appropriate amount of compensation and also helps with other legalities. 

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