Beautiful ways to give your home a new boho look

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Your home’s appearance can play a massive part in determining you and your family’s mood and atmosphere. A well-decorated home can not only put you at ease but also give your home an appealing and comfortable ambiance.

There are many styles of home décor. Some utilize the vintage look, while others go for the contemporary appearance. That said, the Boho look is one of the most revered home décor styles because of the elegant finish it gives your home.

What is a boho look?

This style combines bold, relaxed, unusual, eclectic, colorful, and comfortable decor to give your home a cozy atmosphere and a lived-in feel.

You can go all-in by mixing different colors, patterns, and textures, or you can use a more subtle approach by just adding a few eclectic touches to your home.

Whichever approach you decide to take, the boho style is guaranteed to give your home an elegant finish.

Below is an outline of some of the ways to give your home a new boho look:

1. Using tapestry such as blankets, wall art, etc.

Suppose you are looking to decorate your bare wall without using galleries; Tapestry would be the best option.  You can use many textile arts, including blanket weavings, wall art, macramé wall hangings, colorful Persian or Turkish rugs, and vintage fabrics.

These artful pieces will add texture, color, and an appealing pattern to your home. You can hang them behind a bed or hang them over a sofa to give your walls some life and brilliance.

2. Adding low-level seats to your home

Low-level seats such as leather poufs, floor pillows, ottomans, futons, and bean bag chairs are fantastic seating options to add to your home.  These seats are stylish and more inviting. As such, your guests will most likely want to sit down a while and enjoy the comfort of your home.

3. A balanced mix of different light sources

The way your house is lit determines the ambiance it creates. Poor lit rooms usually tend to be spooky and less welcoming. Using different light sources such as lanterns, funky chandeliers, string lights, and candles is an excellent addition to your home if you want to achieve the ultimate boho space.

While many people prefer natural fiber pendants, you shouldn’t be restricted to solely using them. Mix and match different light sources to get the boho décor you desire.

4. Keep your decoration neutral

The boho design doesn’t necessarily have to scream with wild prints and loud colors.  You can restrain your decoration to two or three colors. For instance, you can incorporate natural materials and greeneries into your decoration to give it a balanced touch.

You can also use decors like organic vases and natural stone tables to reflect a perfect balance between a sophisticated style and a laidback boho style.

5. Repurpose items in your home

Repurposing items can give your home a brilliant and unique boho style. For instance, you can repurpose a vintage trunk into a side table, use rattan frames as seats, and throw sheepskin into the mix to give your living room a perfect bohemian décor.

That’s not to say that you have to use the items mentioned above specifically. You can take a bolder approach and use other items such as whimsical rugs, eclectic furniture, or other animal skin rugs to enhance the appearance of your sitting room.

6. Add a graphic accent to your décor

Adding a graphic accent to your room can transform it from a mundane and sterile space into an elegant and comforting space. You can do this by adding a motley collection of flowers, decorative artwork, a mixture of modern and vintage patterns. Adding stripes to your stripped décor can also boost the ambiance of your home.

7. Incorporating metals into your décor

There are numerous metallic décor that can aid in you achieving your desired boho look. They include brutalist wall sculptures, glass lamps, or vintage Lucite. You can complement them using playful wall coverings and soft layers of textile. Using this type of decoration will give your bedroom an intriguing and luxurious atmosphere.

8. Bold boho décor

While most prefer to use warm hues for their boho bedroom decorations, using a simple mix of colors, say black and white, can also fit the bill.

However, you’ll need to add a little bit of creativity to your decoration. For example, you can add a few bright colors and animal motifs to your bedroom décor. Doing this will give it a reserved yet vibrant look.

9. Incorporate plants in your decoration

Most boho decorations incorporate at least three plants. Plants give your home an effortless natural vibe and an enthralling visual interest to areas of your room that feel empty.

You can use many plants in your boho décor, hanging to vining plants and even low lighting plants. Among the popular plants used in boho, décor includes Mistletoe cactus, Devil’s ivy, Boston fern, Strings of pearls, and Morning glory.

10. Use layering rugs

Using layering rugs gives you the autonomy to mix different colors and patterns in your room. Moreover, these rugs enhance the texture of your room.

There are multiple layering, with each of them having different textures and brightness. Whenever you are layering, endeavor to use brightly patterned vintage rugs and natural fiber jute rugs. Nonetheless, you can also layer using rugs that live within the same color family.

11. Make use of natural and rustic finishes

The bohemian décor can infuse accessories derived from natural materials such as sisal, hemp, wood, and rattan. The accessories include macramé plant hangers, leather footstool, decorative ladders, or woven wall décor. These decorations will give your home a brilliant, natural, and luxurious ambiance.

We all desire to have a home that has an appealing look. Decorating your home using the boho style is one of the best ways of achieving this feat. Apart from following some of the stylish designs outlined in this article, you should also limit your use of black colors. Moreover, you can also spruce your home by adding fragrances such as incense, scented candles, or essential oils.

Story by Brad Bernanke