A Decorative Bar Cart Is the Unexpected Bedroom Decor I Didn’t Know I Needed

Photo credit: Kelly Allen
Photo credit: Kelly Allen

From House Beautiful

A bar cart is a must-have in any entertainer’s living room—and can double as functional decor in your entryway, or office (hello, double-height storage!), but it turns out it works just as well as bedroom decor–especially when you don’t often use what’s on it. Hear me out.

Recently, I bought a bar cart–something I’ve wanted for awhile now. Being indecisive, it took a good scouring on the internet to nail one down. I wanted something silver, two-tiered, circular, not too big, and with a stemware glass rack. I eventually found one for around $100 from Home Depot that fit the bill.

Apart from not having a ton of living room space to host a bar cart in my shared New York apartment, I felt the bar cart would complement the existing modern decor in my bedroom. So, I strategically placed a few bottles of spirits and champagne (that I’ll break into eventually), wine and martini glasses, coasters, and an ice bucket, shaker, and crystal-filled candle. Paired with a neon sign that glows red when lit, the tiny bar area makes my rectangular room feel bigger by offering another section within the space. On one wall, I have my bed and closet. The window-laden, street-facing side hosts my writing desk. The bar cart area maintains itself near the door, TV, and dresser. It’s essentially a bedroom, office, and living room packed into a single space. You have to work with what you’ve got, right?

Lesson learned: No matter the size of the room, a decorative bar cart can still work as an eye-catching piece–especially if you base your alcohol choices on how pretty the bottles are—and in a smaller room, it’ll create the sense of a more multi-functional space. You can also ditch the bottles and simply use it to host books, candles, blankets, beauty products, or maybe even fashion it into a coffee bar! In any case, if you want to give your bedroom an unexpected, elevated twist, try a decorative bar cart.

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