10 Magical Freebies For Your Unicorn-Obsessed Child

Just recently, I asked my daughter what theme she wanted her new room to be, and without hesitation, she practically screamed at me, “UNICORNS!”

Yup, that’s my child… and I can’t say that her answer surprised me at all. Just like Agnes from Despicable Me, she believes unicorns are the most magical things ever invented. She has unicorn jammies, unicorn socks, unicorn shoes, unicorn sheets, and now, she will have a unicorn room, too. Unfortunately, as of this moment, I can’t leave the house to get her the décor she needs to make her room complete. So I’ve decided to settle for the next best thing — unicorn freebies.

Maybe your child is much like mine with this mystical creature obsession. If so, these are the best, and most interactive, unicorn activities your little one can do for free.

Courtesy of Stevie Doodles
Courtesy of Stevie Doodles

What’s so wonderful about Stevie Doodles is that all of her coloring pages are unique, doodled by her, and never to be found elsewhere on the internet. A mother herself, Stevie’s unicorn freebies are easy to access, one-of a kind, and she even has some videos showcasing how she makes them.

Stevie Doodles unicorn coloring pages can be found here. 

Oh no! The unicorn’s stable is a mess — this isn’t the way this beautiful creature should be living!

On girlsgogames.com, you will find creative and unusual unicorn games, coloring pages, and activities the whole family can have a hand in creating.

These online unicorn games can be found here. 

We may not be able to interact with the outside world right now, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay inside our home’s four walls. Create your own unicorn munchies and leave them outside for the unicorns to eat at night. Oh, and don’t forget to save some of these delicious treats for the family! Trust me, this will quickly become a favorite tradition in the household, as your children will believe that something special and magical happened just outside the walls of their home overnight.

Free unicorn munchie recipes can be found here. 

4. “Real” unicorn sighting videos

So your older child is starting to lose his/her faith in unicorns? Rekindle that passion for these one-horned animals once again with videos that show “real” unicorn sightings around the world. This is my daughter’s favorite one so far, especially since they maintain the secrecy of the unicorn species by only showing the animal for a split second before the footage is “interrupted.”

5. Unicorn face mask how-to tutorials and printable pages

With the wave of a magic wand (and some printing, coloring and cutting of paper too), you can turn the whole family into a herd of unicorns with this amazing face mask tutorial. If you can, really get into character with your unicorn-believer while doing this. Get on your hands and knees if your body will allow it, dress in a way that you think a unicorn might dress if clothes were their thing, and create some magic for and with your small child for the afternoon!

Though the kids may not be in school or participating in remote learning on a day-to-day basis, believe it or not, there are ways to coerce them into learning a new thing or two. These unicorn word searches are perfect for your kids who are able to read, or even the ones who are working on identifying their sight words. Instead of using just a boring old pencil, give them some colorful crayons (bonus points if they have sparkles in them) and challenge your unicorn lover to tune into their problem solving skills.

Growing Play’s unicorn word search can be found here. 

7. DIY unicorn cards

Now is the perfect time to find a pen pal for your child. Just like many adults are struggling with loneliness, our kids are too. Pen pals can give kids a sense of normalcy, a feeling of belonging, and they may even make a new friend in the process. Many nursing homes are also allowing cards to be sent to their quarantined senior citizens. And nothing would warm their hearts more than seeing a colorful mane, sparkly horn, and some well-meaning, but misspelled words from a child right now.

Side note: If you are planning to go with the pen-pal route, just make sure to wash hands after handling the envelope and paper, and avoid touching your face, per CDC guidelines.

8. Unicorn piñata

Who said piñatas were just for birthday parties? Create a unicorn piñata with this tutorial and then bust it open with the whole family to give your kids a quarantined day they will always remember. I promise, this will make you the “fun mom” forever.

9. Magical unicorn wreath

This one is marked into my planner to do with my kids this week. You can make a wreath from construction paper like this one here, or do something a little more fancy by ordering supplies online to create a longer-lasting wreath for your unicorn-obsessed child’s bedroom door, as displayed in the video above.

After you’ve made the piñata, play a little game of pin the horn on the unicorn. The good news? All you need is a printer for this one. If that’s something you don’t have, free-draw a unicorn with a horn on a separate sheet of paper and make the game your own!

Pin the horn on the unicorn can be found here. 

Whether it’s coloring pages, an art project, or even sitting on the couch while watching a unicorn video together as a family, there are plenty of one-horned freebies out there to indulge your little unicorn aficionados too.

Social distancing is hard. Finding fun things to do with your unicorn-obsessed kids doesn’t have to be.

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